cool advice too all girls: unlearn internalized misogyny and surround urself with other girls and do fun things together like…. for example… form into one giant “super girl” and destroy the world

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I’m honestly so mad and sad cuz her saying all that shit is her saying “I wish u weren’t gay but since u are I’m not gonna change it but I don’t like it”

Also while my sister is yelling at me for painting her sons nails I mention that my little brother always got his nails painted by my mom and me and played w dolls w me and she’s like “yea and he’s bi” like?????? Painting his nails and playing w dolls made him gay???? Yea I’m sure. Even my blatantly homophobic mom doesn’t believe in gender roles and knows that a boy wearing a dress and playing w dolls or a girl playing w cars and wearing “boys” clothes won’t make them gay or trans* like…..

Also she told me his dad/her ex would be pissed cuz he’ll think I’m making him gay and he’s super homophobic “bc he’s from Africa and there’s no gay ppl in Africa” and she went on this rant about how there’s no or less gay ppl in Africa bc in some countries it’s still illegal and I’m like???? Well ur kids not in Africa bitch he’s in fucking canada and also gay being illegal doesn’t make less gay people lmao i hate literally everyone in my family I want to move out

my sister is soooo mad at me for painting her son’s nails (even tho he asked me to) and she says we’re not “rooting” for him to be gay. and I was like why not?????? like wtf???? And she’s like “you don’t WANT your kids to be gay it’s just something u accept if it happens but u try to make it not happen” like I hate her she KNOWS I’m gay and she’ll sit there and shit on my identity like I HOPE her son is gay honestly I’m gonna fucking pray for it so she can suck it the fuck up and realise what a piece of shit she is


A living legend.

blackberry seeds need to chill the fuck out of my teeth






Hehe equality right?

Do you not understand the purpose of this, or why the prices are what they are? Does this need to be explained to you?

Oh yea right, the famous “wage gap” between men and women that has been debunked tons of times! That sure is the right argument to fight sexism with!

Not debunked, misrepresented, as it is a complicated issue. It’s honestly more accurate to call it a PAY gap than a WAGE gap, since there are a myriad of factors at play here. Women DO, on average, make less money than men. That is indisputable, and the margins widen when you include factors of race, disability, and sexuality. 
Here’s a good starter resource on it. 
IF you would like some more in depth reading:
This one is from Stanford about the Gender Pay Gap
This is a New York Times article looking at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s report on the topic.
This one is from the International Trade Union Confederation 
This one is from Oxford, titled Up the Down Staircase: Women’s Upward Mobility and the Wage Penalty for Occupational Feminization
You can also look at the US Census’s look at the Pay Gap
Or the Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Even the United States Government Accountability Office has some information on it.
So yes, the bake sale above is a pretty simplistic little stunt about a complicated economic and social issue. But the fact that it pisses people off sort of makes its point for it. 

Excellent primary sources for those concerned about sex based oppression/ how men continually benefit from female subjugation also I would really like one of those Vegan cupcakes

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